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Friday, February 26, 2016

Love your body.

LOVE your body. Get massages. MOve daily. Eat well. Hydrate. Stretch. Rest/sleep. Meditate. LOve your body.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Healing injuries, pick me!

I choose the name "Le Guerisseur" at 23, when I first started my practice. It means, "the healer". I take this to heart. I have healed many types of injuries over the last 16 years of my practice. I LOVE what I do. My vision is to heal injuries quickly without surgeries or medication. I've had great success with soft tissue injuries such as: TMJ dysfunction, sprained muscles, pulled muscles, whiplash, and auto injuries, sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, repudiative stress injuries, sprained ankles, hip flexor injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and much more like increasing range of motion! I enjoy watching my clients heal, and recover quicker than they knew possible! Beyond fixing injuries, massage is great for injury prevention, and it feels great. Massage always reduces stress and reduces blood pressure, a natural way to heal yourself. Whether you have been in an auto accident, or you are an athlete, massage is the right choice. I have worked with many auto accidents, PIP, and many athletes over the years, like football players, basketball players, soccer players, baseball players, tennis players, runners, triathletes, iron man athletes, rowers, cheerleaders, rugby players and equestrians! I have also had much success with plastic/elective surgeries, using lymphatic drainage to clean up bruised tissue, which reduces pain immediately, and speeds up recovery. It is my greatest pleasure to heal. I love the entire process. It is best to seek treatment as soon as possible for speedy recovery. Reduce scar tissue and adhesions so you won't have more pain and decreased range of motion in your future. It is my honor to help heal holistically! 206-941-8560 Maria J. Toro, LMP. schedule today!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Best massage experience, I keep coming back!"

"Best massage experience, I keep coming back! Maria seems to intuitively adopt her practice to what your body needs most. Her space has a wonderful energy, and I alway leave feeling enlightened. Bang for the buck and the best massage in Seattle!" Rylie D. of Queen Anne

"I can't imagine life without her(Maria)."

"Maria is a true pro! Our entire family has been going to her for 15 years. Her new studio on upper Queen Anne is amazing, an easily accessible, lovely space that makes you want to relax the second you enter. She is able to address any problem. Simply put, I can't imagine life without her." -Jan B. of Queen Anne

"Maria is an amazing intuitive healer and has a deeply calming presence."

"Maria is an amazing intuitive healer and has a deeply calming presence. Her studio space in Queen Anne has a wonderfully clear energy and her massage table is the most comfortable bed I've been on! Her incorporation of crystals, essential oils and her own healing intuition took this massage to the next level. I cannot wait to go back as often as I can. I walked away from my first massage with Maria feeling light as air, with a smile on my face and a rejuvenated body, mind and spirit!" -Madeline Y. of Queen Anne

(Maria)" She goes above and beyond to not only work out all my kinks but to really target causes of my back pain."

"Maria is the absolute best on Queen Anne! She goes above and beyond to not only work out all my kinks but to really target causes of my back pain. She has a way of reading your vibes when you walk in the door and knows exactly how to make you feel completely relaxed. I love that she has evening appointments, perfect for unwinding and letting go of stressful work days!" Nina of Queen Anne

"Maria is the best!"

"Maria is the best! I have been going to her for little over a year now. I see her every two weeks for pain management due to a car accident or just a good old fashion stress relieving massage. My headache always disappear after I see her and I have never felt so relaxed. She is so diverse in her practice. She is able to manipulate each session to create the perfect massage for not only my pain but my mood Her studio is awesome and the location is primo on Queen Anne! Maris has night appointments which make her schedule perfect for professionals. I would highly recommend the Le Guerrisseur massage studio." -Morgan R. of Queen Anne

"I've been getting regular massages with her for over a year and it's the best thing I've done for my overall health and wellbeing."

"Go and see Maria! I've been getting regular massages with her for over a year and it's the best thing I've done for my overall health and wellbeing. My workouts are better, my mindset is better, and I swear it's even improved my work performance. She's a wonderful person and will make you feel right at home. Seeing her name on my calendar makes me happy!" -Stephanie N. of Seattle

"I have had massages at spas all over the United States.....Maria Toro is as good as it gets!"

"I have had massages at spas all over the United States.....Maria Toro is as good as it gets! Whether for deep tissue, energy work or relaxation, Maria is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. She is great lady with positive energy. She has treated our entire family of five for many years -- we all rave about her!! Spring into Springtime in Seattle -- get a massage from Maria Toro at Le Guerisseur." Ken B. of Queen Anne

With Maria, "It was not only a massage but a session in healing".

"I came out of my session with Maria feeling powerful in my body. It was not only a massage but a session in healing. As a runner and athlete it is nice to find a massage therapist who has first hand experience with the major problems and injuries athletes can acquire. She gave me tips and exercises to do at home to continue healing everyday. Her practice isn't bogged down by the rules of spas and clinics so she has more power over the time and essence of your session, it IS about you. Her space is comfortable and beautiful, decorated with her own artwork (which I loved). With an open heart I would recommend Maria to anyone looking for a massage therapist."- Amanda W. of Seattle

Maria is AWESOME!

"Maria is awesome- she always mixes it up and has a true passion for her for her profession. Highly recommended!" -Shawn B. of Queen Anne

I absolutely love my sessions with Maria!

"I absolutely love my sessions with Maria! I have been seeing Maria for over nine years and love her holistic approach to healing. I have not had back pain since starting sessions with her, something I had previously suffered from chronically. The atmosphere she creates is extremely relaxing, and I leave sessions feeling rejuvenated. Whether a deep tissue session or an hour of hot stone therapy it's amazing!" -Elizabeth A. of Queen Anne

Maria is an amazing massage practitioner and healer!

"Maria is an amazing massage practitioner and healer! Walking into the office you immediately feel your stress melt away as Maria greets you with her warm smile and peaceful energy. She genuinely cares about her clients and believes in bringing the whole body, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally into balance. Her massages are more of a spiritual experience, working with your body on a very intuitive level. And for those of you who seem to think a female masseuse is unable to give a truly deep tissue massage, Maria will prove you wrong. The most amazing part is that she is able to do so without it feeling like she is even trying. I no longer live in Seattle, but whenever I come back for a visit, I try to get in for an hour or two with Maria." Alison T. (world traveler)

Maria Gives The Best Massage:

"Maria gives the best massage in Seattle! She's lovely, her office is beautiful and welcoming and her technique always leaves me feeling lighter and more relaxed. And perhaps best of all, I feel like my whole being is healed when I leave. Though she's on Queen Anne, parking is plentiful on this block, so don't worrk about that!" Julie S. of Seattle

Maria Is As Good As IT Gets!

"As good as it gets! Luxury and relaxation upon entry. Instantly all worries disappear. Breathe, unwind and begin to chill out. SPA QUALITY in a convenient/amazing location, nestled on UPPER QUEEN ANNE. The space is modern, soothing, clinical yet posh with elements of leisure opulence; a great balance for receiving therapeutic bodywork. Simply put: This place is HAPPY. Really good energy, positive and healing, LIGHT energy. Not to forget to mention: with great view on top floor, vaulted ceilings lots of natural south view facing sunLIGHT. Feel like someone special upon entering, it is all about YOU and healing and rejuvenation of self health. Maria really cares about you! Maria, is always working on herself, with education and personal growth and self improvements. Maria is smart and educated, and is constantly furthering her education day after day, year after year, as a full time college student with sights on naturopathic medicine and acupuncture and oriental medicines. A session with Maria will provide healing for body, mind and spirit connection, as she views you whole person/holistically. You will leave richer in knowledge about yourself after just one session. Maria truly listens. She works WITH YOU on your journey and experience in health care, and is definitely one of the best in her field of practice. You will be changed drastically in one session, 90 minutes is HIGHLY recommended!!!" -Maria J. of Seattle

Maria Toro is one of the Best in Her Field...

"Maria Toro is easily one of the best in her field, and definitely the best massage therapists in Seattle. As well as being one of the most welcoming and personable people I have ever experienced, Maria offers a wide range of massage techniques to cater to all needs. I have visited her for both a pampering massage and another time to address chronic shoulder pain and in both instances she used different techniques to insure the best results, leaving me feeling energized and loosened up after the session. The icing on the cake is her extremely affordable prices and intimate workspace, her studio is tucked away on Queen Anne Hill away from the congestion of the city, making parking a breeze and traffic a non-issue. I definitely recommend trying Le Guerisseur to anyone looking for a one of a kind massage experience."-Leila B. New York